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About FPM&R

The Foundation for Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (FPM&R) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt not-for-profit organization committed to helping physicians restore function and enhance the quality of life for individuals with disability by advancing the science of physiatry (PM&R).

The mission of the Foundation for PM&R, as affirmed by the 2014 Strategic Planning Meeting, is as follows:

  “The Foundation for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is dedicated to restoring health, improving function, minimizing pain and maximizing quality of life through
   research and education in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.”

Vision Statement
The vision statement guiding these goals and strategies is as follows:

  “The Foundation for PM&R is a leader in organizing, directing, funding and collaborating on rehabilitative research and supporting the research infrastructure to    determine the most cost-effective, efficacious care for individuals with disability, for the purpose of enhancing health, function and quality of life.”

FPM&R Values:
• Research is key to advancing the medical specialty of PM&R.
• Patient-centered practice is essential.
• The ability to function and quality of life are key outcome measures in the management of illness, injury or disease.
• Interdisciplinary research is required to achieve the best possible outcomes for individuals with disability.
• Investment in young investigators that fosters their pursuit of a career in research and provides them with the tools to succeed enhances the research capacity of the   field of PM&R.
• Increasing physiatric research capacity in medical schools and teaching hospitals improves PM&R research capacity.
• The specialty of PM&R is strongest when the overarching interests of those who focus on inpatient medical rehabilitation and those who concentrate on outpatient   and/or musculoskeletal care converge and are seen as parts of a whole.
• All practitioners and stakeholders have a responsibility to fund the Foundation for PM&R, because the Foundation supports the future of PM&R…both for practitioners   and for the patients we serve.

Originally founded as the ERF-PMR by a group of physicians in Texas in 1985, the Foundation was organized under its current name in 2002. With $2.5 million in assets, the Foundation is the largest private group dedicated solely to supporting PM&R research. Approximately 75% of the Foundation’s annual income is contributed by individual donors.

The Foundation for PM&R physiatric research awards and grants program funds pilot studies, and the foundation has demonstrated that appropriately targeted seed grants provide pilot data necessary to secure subsequent research funding. Funding these pilot projects significantly contributes to the professional development of physiatric researchers by offering a vote of confidence for the quality and innovation of their work. Foundation support has launched the career of several researchers who have emerged as leaders in the field and made valuable contributions to the knowledge base. The results of Foundation-supported research are also published in medical journals and presented at continuing education conferences, so other physicians can share in the knowledge. Nearly two-thirds of all grant recipients publish their findings, and more than one-third of grant recipients use the Foundation-funded pilot data to secure a grant for larger-scale research. 88% of all past recipients are still doing research today.

For More Information, please visit us online at or contact
Phyllis Anderson, Executive Director, at or 847-737-6062