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Aspen has long been recognized as an industry leader in spinal bracing technology. With 25 years of research driven design, Aspen is committed to developing the highest quality products that make a difference. Backed by peer-reviewed studies, biomechanical analyses and industry leading research, Aspen products help improve patient outcomes and continue to drive standard of care practices. Aspen’s core philosophy is to innovate and advance clinically-based solutions focused on serving our customers’ needs and enhancing patients’ lives.

Acute Restriction

Provides enhanced motion restriction, creating a controlled environment for healing.

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Pain Therapy

Provides trunk stability and targeted compression to support overtaxed muscles that fatigue and spasm.

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Active Influence

Promotes a more natural alignment, aiding in rehabilitation and helping to take unnatural stress off muscles, vertebrae and nerves.

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Before I started wearing the brace, I was in excruciating pain. I wear it in the morning and I’ll be good for the rest of the day. I won’t have any pain, or it will be low like a one or two.

— Jennifer, Patient

It’s great, lightweight, easier to put on and just overall more comfortable, all while keeping my back stable and supported.

— Ryan, Patient

Because of my herniated disks I have to sleep with my lower back completely straight or pain will wake me up and (this brace) helps prevent that pain from occurring.

— Thadeus, Patient

I’ve only had it (brace) on for 30 minutes and my back didn’t bother me for the rest of the day.

— Emma, Patient

I have had chronic pain for over 10 years, this brace was outstanding for my severe outbreaks.

— Vista MultiPost Therapy Collar Patient

I recently broke my neck in a skiing accident and I was lucky enough to have to use an Aspen brace. My neck is all healed and I feel great. Thank you!

— Chris, Patient

My (personal) trainer instructed me to wear the brace until bedtime that day. Greatly reduced my back pain! The brace has been a God send while strengthening my back and core.

— Michelle, Patient

My Ortho. Dr. just ordered the Summit 631 for my lower back pain. I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS UNIQUE BRACE!

— Julia, Patient

I’ve worn your brace now going on 5 years and it has provided me comfort and support.

— Michael, Patient
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Aspen Cares

Aspen is committed to serving our customers and the community.

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Aspen is honored to be recognized for design and innovation, company culture and entrepreneurial spirit.

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