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The Aspen Story
Delivering breakthrough designs and breaking the mold in spinal bracing has been our inspiration for 25 years. From the inception, Aspen has brought to market the Aspen Cervical Collar which inspired change in the industry approach to cervical care. This set the stage for numerous breakthroughs in spinal bracing that help solve both clinical and business challenges through a bold, innovative approach. Aspen is driven by the expectations of our customers and of ourselves.
As an important tool in a patient’s recovery, we understand the critical nature of what we do. We take a needs-based approach and design with both the healthcare provider and patient in mind. We invest significantly in R&D and provide vital clinical testing that is second to none and expected by our customers. As experts in our field, our direct sales force supports effective outcomes through ongoing education and in-service training. Backed by clinically tested products, Aspen’s established professional medical community is well equipped to help offer the best patient outcomes through research driven designs.
Driving Innovation through the Decades

California Medical Products is established in Long Beach, CA. To meet the US Army’s need for better emergency neck brace, Geof Garth brings to market the first Stifneck™ Extrication Collar.


Dan Williamson joins California Medical Products. Over one million Stifneck™ collars are sold and the company is acquired by Laerdal Medical.


International Healthcare Devices is formed and the Aspen® Cervical Collar is introduced, providing long-term motion restriction while minimizing the incidence of skin breakdown.


Fiji Enterprises, a development and contract manufacturing company is established to assemble the Stifneck™ and Aspen® Collar as well as new product introductions including the Headbed™, V-Vac™, and Aspen® CTO.


Aspen Medical Products is formed, merging Fiji Manufacturing and International Healthcare Devices. Aspen launches the first off-the-shelf lumbar braces to be clinically tested and shown to equal the motion restriction of custom braces: the Aspen® LSO, Aspen® LSO LoPro and the Aspen® TLSO.


Aspen headquarters moves to Irvine, CA. The Aspen® Pediatric Collar is redesigned and two smaller infant collars are added. The QuikDraw™ PRO is introduced and quickly grows to be one of Aspen’s most successful new products. Aspen expands QuikDraw into a line by introducing the Contour™ Bracing System.


Aspen introduces the Vista® Cervical Collar, the first one-sized adjustable long-term collar. The Vista® Collar will go on to become the standard of care among U.S. Trauma Centers nationwide.


Aspen introduces the Summit™ Line and immediately becomes Aspen’s most successful new product launch to date. Aspen also introduces the Vista® CTO and Evergreen® Line.


Aspen introduces the Vista® Lower Spine line, a fully adjustable design allowing one size to fit the majority of patients. The Horizon™ Line is also introduced and immediately becomes Aspen’s most successful new product.


Aspen introduces the Vista® MultiPost and Vista® CTO4. Aspen also introduces the Peak Scoliosis Bracing System™, the first product specifically developed for adult patients with scoliosis to help bring them into a more neutral alignment.


Aspen introduces the Vista® MultiPost Therapy Collar offering a compression bladder that helps achieve cervical neutral.


Aspen expands globally, opening its first international headquarters in Griesheim, Germany servicing Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Aspen also opens East Coast and European distribution centers.


Aspen Elite™ line featuring the newly developed UltraKnit™ technology is introduced as the first product designed specifically for the international market.

Customer Commitment

Innovations are at the heart of the Aspen experience. We listen to our customers to understand the problem, apply creative thinking then get to work. Whether it’s helping to resolve skin breakdown issues through transformative cervical collar design, showing practitioners how to increase efficiency with adjustable products or tackling new issues like posture alignment and adult scoliosis. Aspen is committed to delivering the best possible products that help improve lives.

Company Commitment

We have a mission to develop industry-leading products and provide the support to deliver the best patient and business outcomes, while running a company that we can be proud of. We pride ourselves on serving and leading the industry with products that make a real difference in people’s lives. We are a team of originals who are inspired by doing things worth doing. Not satisfied with good enough, we continually look at old problems with fresh eyes, innovating our way to better patient outcomes.

The Aspen Team
Jim Cloar
President and Chief Executive Officer
Mike Watts
Chief Financial Officer
Kathryn Gray
Chief Administrative Officer
John Hamilton
Vice President of Quality and Strategic Initiatives
Scott Hampson
Vice President of Operations
Albert Romo
Vice President Research and Development
Dave Rice
Vice President of International Sales
Brittany Knudson
Vice President of Marketing
Colin Cashin
Vice President of US Sales
Matt Waidelich
Vice President of Business & Strategy
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