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amp academy A customized billing program designed to optimize and streamline a clinic’s DME business.

AMP DME Billing Solutions is designed to help clinicians achieve their practice and patient care goals. Each solution is tailored to customers’ unique business needs and provides a consultative approach to billing and inventory management. Learn how we can help you today.

Business Development

Business Development teaches physicians how to bill for DME products effectively while navigating the ever-changing reimbursement guidelines, laws, and codes, and also assists with provider payor enrollment and credentialing. Business reviews are provided to assist with enhancing your business’ best practices.

Business Model Education

Business Model Education provides information on options in which an organization can continue to provide their patient population necessary DME items through in-house means. Aspen assists in setting up relationships for Managed Programs, Hybrid Programs, or Stock and Bill delivery options.

Inventory Management

Robust software provides physicians with an easy way to manage a clinic’s DME business model. Through electronic dispensing, documentation, PO management, and reporting reconciliation, our system provides an accurate, real-time analytical assessment of the billing effectiveness of those transactions.

Business Triage Line

Billing Triage Line is available to support our customers’ billing needs. Speak with a live billing specialist that’s available for concerns, questions, or challenges with claims, denials, audits, and other claim management needs.

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