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Evergreen™ 626 Lumbar Lite

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Evergreen 626 Lumbar Lite
PDAC Code L0626 Approved

The Evergreen™ 626 Lumbar Lite delivers effective trunk stability and targeted compression to fatigued muscles that spasm and cause pain. This exceptionally low-profile brace can be comfortably worn under clothing and is easy to don and doff. As an adjunctive treatment to current therapy, the economical Evergreen 626 Lumbar Lite supports spasming muscles so patients can get back to the activities of daily living. It is designed to comfortably fit waist sizes ranging from 28-54 inches and up to 64 inches with the extension panel, resulting in a significant savings in inventory costs and space.

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Size Chart

  • Adjustable
    28in (71cm) – 54in (137cm)
  • X-Small
    21in (53cm) – 27in (67cm)
  • Small
    26in (66cm) – 32in (81cm)
  • Medium
    31in (79cm) – 37in (94cm)
  • Large
    36in (91cm) – 42in (107cm)
  • X-Large
    41in (104cm) – 47in (119cm)
  • XX-Large
    43in (109cm) – 57in (145cm)
Product Features
Lightest in Class

Lightest in Class

At less than a pound, the Evergreen Lumbar Lite is our lightest weight lumbar support.

Bi-Lateral Pull
Bi-Lateral Pull

Two easy-to-locate pull tabs provide independent compression without the spinal rotation that can occur with a single pull tab system.

Targeted Independent Tightening Mechanism
Targeted Independent Tightening Mechanism

Aspen’s patented 4:1 mechanically advantaged SlickTrack™ tightening system independently tightens top and bottom allowing patients to localize compression where they need it to support fatigued muscles that spasm.


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Backed by Research
Backed by 25 years of clinical research and a reputation for extensive testing and rigorous development requirements, Aspen products are engineered to meet varying medical needs and to perform at a therapeutic level. Committed to research that includes peer-reviewed studies, biomechanical analyses and research driven design, Aspen products are trusted by trauma centers, clinical practices and rehab facilities nationwide.
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For Patients
Will my health insurance pay for the Evergreen™ brace?

Medicare and most private health insurance companies do offer coverage for this treatment option. Consult Medicare or your insurance carrier to verify coverage.

How do I clean Evergreen™ braces?

Use a mild soap and water to clean the product by hand. Pat it dry with a towel and lay it out to dry. Do not use heat to dry the brace.

Should I wear the brace under my clothing?

You may wear the brace under clothing, but an undershirt is recommended for optimum comfort.

What spinal indications was this brace designed to treat?

See the (Link to Clinical Indications)

How do I clean the pads?

Use a mild soap and water to clean the pads by hand. Pat them dry with a towel and lay out to air dry. Do not use heat to dry the pads.

Where can I send my prescription?

Contact Aspen Customer Service @ 800-295-2776 to find a local provider near you.

How do I get a brace?

Aspen braces are class I medical devices and require a physician prescription. Ask your doctor today if an Aspen product is right for you.(Link to ask your doctor form)

For Providers
How do I select the correct size?

The Evergreen™ 626 Lumbar Lite comes in a new one size adjustable and six sizes. Please refer to the patient’s waist circumference and check the sizing chart.

Who is my Sales Representative for Aspen Sierra braces?

Please call Aspen Customer Service at 800.295.2776 to get a hold of your local Rep.

Will medical insurance carriers cover this product?

The majority of Aspen products have approved by PDAC (Medicare Pricing, Data Analysis and Coding), and have been provided with a reimbursement code. Refer to the Medicare DMECS fee schedule for reimbursement amounts.(link to coding letter)

Download our Spine Applications sheet to help determine which Aspen product is right for your needs.

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