The Aspen Way
Committed to Enhancing Lives at Work and at Play.
Building a Company We Can Be Proud Of
At Aspen, we pride ourselves on making the best medical products in the industry designed with the healthcare provider and patient in mind to help change lives. Winning many prestigious awards for industry leading innovations and products, Aspen products are trusted and used by hospitals, medical practices, physical medicine clinics to name a few. Our founders have operated from a strong belief since day one that enjoying your work and making valuable contributions to business, where at the end of the day lives are being improved in some way, are both equally vital. That belief and resulting culture driving success has recently won Dan Williamson, President and CEO, the 2017 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Orange County and contributed to Aspen being named numerous times amongst the “Best Places to Work” in Orange County. These honors represent high levels of employee reported satisfaction as well as excellence in work/life balance and culture. The Aspen Way is centered around the following goals to:
  • Develop the best products in the industry
  • Develop products that enhance the quality of life
  • Have a culture where employees are respected, have input, and are part of the team
  • Be a company where employees look forward to coming to work each day
Foundational to our unique culture, we nurture an exceptional environment with a strong family-like feeling and fun activities. As a close-knit culture that values mutual respect and positive relationships, we have a track record of continual growth and in taking a proactive approach to everything we do. In our dynamic environment, we're always striving for improvement, and investing in ways to enhance our culture, bench strength, services and end product.
To further improve the Aspen culture, our Employee Council works hard at putting together a variety of events that enhance teamwork and offer opportunities to have fun. Whether it’s going to see the Angels play, going bowling or spending the day at Knott’s Berry Farm, employees and their families are enthusiastically invited to spend time together and enjoy these Aspen sponsored events designed to help bring us all together not only in work, but in play too. There is also fun at work with activities like the St Paddy’s Day paper airplane contest, getting soaked from the water balloon content at the end of Summer BBQ, dressing up for Halloween, or gathering together for a Thanksgiving lunch to name just a few of the many yearly activities.
Aspen is also committed to being actively involved in community and philanthropic activities such as The Second Harvest Food Bank and The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation as other ways to serve those less fortunate in a meaningful way.
Getting together to support each other, have some fun as a family at work and at play, improve lives and reach out with a helping hand to others in need epitomizes The Aspen Way.
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