Aspen Medical Products, inc.

Vista 464 TLSO

Vista® 464 TLSO

Versatile by Design

The Vista® 464 TLSO offers patients support throughout the thoracolumbar spine, providing a versatile system that accommodates appropriate motion restriction throughout the healing process.

Code L0464 Approved

Vista 639 LSO

Vista® 639 LSO

Maximum Motion Restriction
and Support in an LSO

The Vista® 639 LSO 4 Panel is Aspen’s most substantial LSO, offering pain relief, comfort and compliance with added layers of support.

Code L0639 Approved

Vista 637 LSO

Vista® 637 LSO

Versatile by Design

Designed for post-operative patients in need for additional support, the Vista® 637 LSO provides support and relief for secondary back pain.

Code L0637 Approved

Vista 631 LSO LoPro

Vista® 631 LSO LoPro

Versatile by Design

The Vista® 631 LSO Lo Pro is the perfect blend of comfort and support, promoting a rapid recovery and return to mobility.

Code L0631 Approved

Vista 627 Lumbar

Vista® 627 Lumbar

Versatile by Design

The Vista® 627 Lumbar is the foundation of for each Vista® Lower Spine product.

Code L0627 Approved