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Acute Restriction
Provides enhanced motion restriction, creating a controlled environment for healing.
Designed to Promote Motion Restriction
The treatment philosophy behind Aspen Acute Restriction bracing is to provide a controlled environment for healing. These braces provide optimum motion restriction and are designed to minimize incidences of skin breakdown. Aspen provides options for all levels of the spine. Substantial motion restriction is a key factor in treating patients suffering from post-surgical and post traumatic indications with the goal of decreasing patient discharge times to reduce overall healthcare costs.
Controlled Healing Environment
Aspen Acute Restriction braces create a stable and controlled environment by acting as a kinematic restrictor. Gross motion of the body is minimized, allowing only minor internal movements. Utilizing polyethylene and polyurethane composites, these braces offer support in all anatomical planes. Where appropriate, softer malleable materials are used to disperse pressure. Aspen’s patented designs allow practitioners to fully customize the brace to support the patient’s anatomy and medical condition.
Able to be fit pre- or post-operatively, Aspen Acute Restriction braces were designed with orthotic practitioners and hospital staff in mind. The majority of the Acute Restriction braces are adjustable and allow practitioners to provide an optimal fit, promoting patient compliance and quicker recovery. By providing innovative solutions to improve patient care, cleanliness and performance; patients are more likely to heal, start rehabilitation and resume activities of daily life.
Patient Benefits
Skin breakdown or skin irritation can be a side effect of bracing, which can delay a patient’s recovery and lengthen hospital stays. To combat skin breakdown, Aspen’s products feature patented FlexTabs™ to help disperse pressure and moisture wicking pads to keep patient clean and dry. Low profile and light weight, Aspen Acute Restriction braces are designed to be comfortable even when 24/7 wear is required.
Clinically Tested
Aspen Acute Restriction braces have been clinically tested to provide optimal motion restriction, while reducing the incidences of skin breakdown. Backed by 25 years of clinical research and clinical papers published in top journals, such as SPINE, The Spine Journal, Journal of Nursing Care, and Ostomy/Wound Management, Aspen‘s innovative solutions meet the requirements of clinicians to enhance patient recovery.

Acute Restriction: Cervical

Acute Restriction: Thoracic

Acute Restriction: Lumbar

Backed by Research
Backed by 25 years of clinical research and a reputation for extensive testing and rigorous development requirements, Aspen products are engineered to meet varying medical needs and to perform at a therapeutic level. Committed to research that includes peer-reviewed studies, biomechanical analyses and research driven design, Aspen products are trusted by trauma centers, clinical practices and rehab facilities nationwide.
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I recently broke my neck in a skiing accident and I was lucky enough to have to use an Aspen brace. My neck is all healed and I feel great. Thank you!

— Chris, Patient

My [personal] trainer instructed me to wear the brace until bedtime that day. Greatly reduced my back pain! The brace has been a God send while strengthening my back and core.

— Michelle, Patient

My Ortho. Dr. just ordered the Summit 631 for my lower back pain. I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS UNIQUE BRACE!

— Julia, Patient
Aspen is honored to be recognized for design and innovation, company culture and entrepreneurial spirit.
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