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Aspen for Your Health
Aspen braces are prescribed as a crucial component of treatment, helping patients to rehabilitate and achieve optimal outcomes. Designed with patients in mind, Aspen braces are comfortable and help to offer a controlled environment for healing, decrease disability and encourage activity by providing better postural alignment. Ask your doctor to see whether Aspen bracing is the right treatment option for you.
Clinically Significant Stability
Inelastic braces have been shown to be significantly more effective at improving spinal stability than elastic braces, which is a key factor in reducing muscle spasm. Aspen braces are Inelastic by design and have been clinically tested to provide trunk stability while reducing the symptoms associated with muscle fatigue. These braces have also been shown to provide significant improvements in patient outcomes in terms of disability.
Treatment of Symptoms
Aspen braces target inflammation and secondary pain caused by muscle guarding with a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical solution. Common benefits seen include reduced muscle spasm and increased mobility which improves patient activity thereby strengthening musculature. Goals for treatment include functional recovery, controlling pain intensity and encouraging a reduction of medication consumption.
Targeted Compression
Aspen’s patented SlickTrack™ tightening mechanism allows patients to easily control upper and lower compression, applying localized therapy directly to the lumbar spine. Direct, targeted compression allows the patient to control the level and location of their treatment. Providing a 4 to 1 mechanical advantage allows patients, regardless of strength, to achieve a therapeutic level of compression.
Patient Friendly
Aspen braces are designed to be low profile and light weight, enabling patients to wear them comfortably every day. They also provide rigid support yet are flexible in design to accommodate curves of the anatomy for a comfortable, intimate fit. Many of Aspen’s braces are designed to be easily concealed and worn under clothing.
Adult Scoliosis
Promotes better posture which can help aid in improving mobility.
Back Pain
Supports fatigued muscles that spasm and cause pain.
Text Neck
Provides therapeutic support taking stress off vertebrae, dics and nerves.
Poor Posture
Designed to help improve posture and restore a more functional position.
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Backed by Research
Backed by 25 years of clinical research and a reputation for extensive testing and rigorous development requirements, Aspen products are engineered to meet varying medical needs and to perform at a therapeutic level. Committed to research that includes peer-reviewed studies, biomechanical analyses and research driven design, Aspen products are trusted by trauma centers, clinical practices and rehab facilities nationwide.
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Before I started wearing the brace, I was in excruciating pain. I wear it in the morning and I’ll be good for the rest of the day. I won’t have any pain, or it will be low like a one or two.

— Jennifer, Patient

It’s great, lightweight, easier to put on and just overall more comfortable, all while keeping my back stable and supported.

— Ryan, Patient

Because of my herniated disks, I have to sleep with my lower back completely straight or pain will wake me up and (this brace) helps prevent that pain from occurring.

— Thadeus, Patient

I’ve only had it (brace) on for 30 minutes and my back didn’t bother me for the rest of the day.

— Emma, Patient

I have had chronic pain for over 10 years, this brace was outstanding for my severe outbreaks.

— Vista MultiPost Therapy Collar Patient

I recently broke my neck in a skiing accident and I was lucky enough to have to use an Aspen brace. My neck is all healed and I feel great. Thank you!

— Chris, Patient

My (personal) trainer instructed me to wear the brace until bedtime that day. Greatly reduced (my) back pain! The brace has been a God send while strengthening my back and core.

— Michelle, Patient

I have had severe, debilitating pain/damage to my lower sacral area since 1980. WELL... I have never felt better when wearing this brace. I have used every kind of brace/contraption sold and the unique conformity of your product is genius. Thank you again.

— Julia, Patient

I’ve worn your brace now going on 5 years and it has provided me comfort and support.

— Michael, Patient
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